Moulin Roubine Analysis

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Investigation on the use of warm and dark colours in Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet and association with high angle shot.
Colour is an element that features strongly in both films. The use of warm colours like red and orange and dark, cold colours like blue are used predominantly. Colour in both films is used to help the viewer to sympathise or identify with a character. Colour is a visual track that helps us to view the character 's vulnerability and/or strong points. Baz Lurhman uses colour to compliment themes and characters in both films. Cinematically, Baz Lurhman uses the high angle shot and zooming movement for the chosen sequences to capture the use of warm and dark colours and how they significant to each character.
In sequence 1 of Moulin Rouge, the viewer is introduced to Christian who using his type writer to type a story. He is in a deep blue lighting which suggests sadness and isolation. We learn that the beginning of the film is a flash foward to the end where he is also in blue lighting. It signifies that he has lost love and is in isolation of love, he is in misary. In both sequences high angle shots are used to show his weak state of mind. Similarly in sequence 26, when Satine tells Christian that she doesn 't love him anymore. He sits on the bed surrounded by the blue lighting to show that he is heartbroken. The blue filter is featured when love between Satine and Christian appears which contrasts the feelings that they have for each other. For
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