Moulin Rouge Film Analysis

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Moulin Rouge (1952) was a movie directed by John Houston which was based in the late 19th century of Paris. The movie was a biopic of the famous Post – Impressionist artist, Henri de Toulouse – Lautrec and also introduced the audience to the bohemian sub- culture of the 1890s Paris.

The movie started with the exuberant and enthusiastic dance of the Can-Can dancers in a nightclub which is extravagant and extreme. There was a long curvy stair, a big centre place for dancing which brightly lit and lots of draperies in colour Red.

The dancers wore long sleeved white cotton shirts which had ruffles and were fastened at the neck. These were tucked into skirts under which the dancers wore bloomers and ruffled petticoat with black stockings, thus
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The dress consisted of a tight bodice with a gored skirt which was cinched at the waist and fell naturally over the hips. The corsets were hugely popular. The hourglass figure was desired in women. With the big sized leg-of-mutton sleeves the waist was further accentuated. Starting of the movie had high neck dresses for upper class women but by the end they were seen wearing deep necklines like, V- neck and off shoulders. Fabric used for elite women was Satin, Silk and Velvet. The colour palette for the women’s garments range from pastels to bright colours.

On the other hand the working class women wore neutral to dark shades in coarser fabrics which were very basic and plain. They used to be covered from head to toe, with no skin show.

Elite women wore elaborate and extravagant headgears and hats which ranged from small to large in size according to the occasion. The headgears were adorned with various trimming like plumes, net, flowers etc. Working class women sometimes wore small simple hats but mostly no hats at all. Elite women wore pearls and diamonds and also long gloves. Working women hardly wore any jewellery and never wore gloves. Upper class curled their hair tightly and had their hair tied on top of the head. The makeup wasn’t elaborate but the focus was on brightly coloured lips like red; eyeshadows and thin eyebrows. The working class also tied their hair in top knots but applied minimal to no

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