Mount Everest: The Idea Of Climbing Mount Everest

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The risk people would take for an adrenaline rush, the feeling of accomplishing something on your own or in a group, something bigger than yourself. Most people would go for sledding on a mountain with family, but others think about climbing a mountain, something more dangerous than just going down it. There are many very exciting sports, but most would go for mountain climbing, but not just any mountain its most likely mount. Everest.
The idea of climbing something so tall, something bigger than yourself, you never know what could happen as you climb a mountain. Mount Everest is the mountain most sports type of people would go for, the climb is long and very dangerous. In my opinion, the idea of climbing Mount Everest is not the brightest idea, the journey is very dangerous, especially with all the snow that could cause some hazards. Someone 's life may be at stake when they decide to do such things as climb a mountain. Avalanches aren’t rare things they happen quite often actually and they also happen
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The safer the trip up and down the Mountain the more people would actually want to do it. The trip needs to be more safer than anything else, the way people do the sport without slip ups is what keeps them safe. Sometimes there are slip ups in the sport itself than the person doing it. In Source #2 it states that “ The government of Nepal should impose a 3-year moratorium on climbing Mt. Everest. This cooling-off-period will give all stakeholders a chance to evaluate technological factors, social developments, and economic cost-benefit ratios”. The cost is large for such equipment to be made, but the technology could save peoples
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