Mount Isarog National Park

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The Philippines is one of the ten prominent countries of the world known in terms of biodiversity. The archipelago accounts for a large number of endemic species of plant, animal and birds. However, it lost most of its forest covers from 17 million hectares in 1934 down to less than five million in 1998. El-Ashry M. (1999 December 28). Endorsement letter to UNDP. Retrieved from: The mountain region is a vulnerable aspect; therefore, it needs a significant protection. The answer to this call is the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act of 1992. It made a focal shift of conservation management of the selected protected areas to a more people-centered methodology. One of the protected areas chosen is Mount Isarog which occupies 10,112 hectares and stands 1,951 meters above sea level located in Camarines Sur, Philippines. Mount Isarog National Park is one of the oldest…show more content…
Also, to the best knowledge of the researcher, the CARE Philippines’ SUMMIT project is the biggest project implemented in Mount Isarog National Park. Upon knowing the effects of this project to the locale, it would be beneficial not only to the researcher but it can also be a basis of other projects dedicated to the same purpose. Statement of the Problem Main problem: This study would want to determine the effects of foreign aid program in the conservation and preservation of Mt. Isarog. Sub problems: 1. How does foreign aid program address to the needs of Mt. Isarog? 2. How does the government contribute to the program? 3. What are the changes that took place after the program has been conducted? 4. What are the extent of impact of the foreign aid program to: a) Forest conservation b) Sustainable livelihood aspect c) Public

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