Mount Vesuvius-Personal Narrative

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24th of August Pompeii, Italy

As the black clouds rolled through the sky, we walked side by side. “Should we go back?” asked Livia. “No, we are fine,” I replied. Another breathtaking earthquake, shaking the ground beneath us. A caged bird chirping as ash landing around it like snow. “We should go to the docks and get on a boat,” I said. I could see my friends and neighbors rushing to cover various objects. We ran toward the docks to rent a boat. Mount Vesuvius was starting to grumble as the grass was dying around it. We got to the docks and bargained for a boat. I glanced to the mountain. I could barely see through the ash, but I could make out a red and black goo like substance seeping out of the sides of the rock. We rowed our wooden boat
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It was at that moment that my father ran toward us, my mother in tow. The boat was rocking violently from the waves, almost making me fall out of the already splintered boat. A bolt of lightning struck down unto the volcano, burning the image into my retinas. A chunk of rock struck my mother 's leg, stopping her dead in her tracks. My father turned to assist her, but the rock was too large, and severed her leg. Thankfully the rock was hot enough to cauterize the wound, before it got to bad, but the risk now is infection. She was screaming bloody murder when he picked her up. He carried her to the shore, and took her into the water.
I started rowing the boat toward them. Livia was crying silently in the back of the boat, mumbling about her mother and father. I got the battered boat to them and my father climbed in with my mother in his arms. Father set my mother down next to me and rowed out to sea. “Are you all okay?” asked father.
Ash was landing on the boat choking us. Father tore four pieces of cloth from his shirt, and soaked them into the water.
“Put these over your mouths to block out the ash.” he
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