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The most famous volcano in the world (Vesuvius) Mount Vesuvius is a volcanic mountain that is located east of the city of Naples and it considered as the only rebellious volcano in Europe as well as other volcanoes in the Italian islands. This volcano is famous by its eruption in 79 AD, which led to the destruction and burial of the Romanian cities Pompeii and Herculaneum and several other settlements, and continued for 16 years. The volcano buried the city with ash for 1,600 years until it was discovered in the eighteenth century. The volcano eruption begins in the afternoon of August 24 in 79, causing mounting clouds of smoke covered the sun and turned day into total darkness. The cities lay under a layer of volcanic ash thickness of more than six meters and have remained forgotten for a period of 1,700 years. The lava that sent by Vesuvius wiped out the city from the earth. The interesting thing is that no one survived from this disaster in spite of the Big Bang that caused by the volcano. They looked as they did not notice the disaster, but the surprise may shocked them. Entire family was petrified while eating their food and some faces that extracted from underground were full and were not touched. Moreover, the expressions that appeared on the faces were absolute awesomeness. This is a stunning side in the disaster!…show more content…
Volcanoes contribute geographically in the re-formation of the earth 's surface where the new rock layers arise as a result of hardened lava surging form a new terrain. In addition, they contribute to the emergence of new hot springs or what is known as hot baths. As the volcanic ash helps to enrich the ground soil, also people can take advantage of the volcanic rocks in the construction. Finally, the minerals that come out from the volcanoes have global economic value, which is a source of income of many

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