Mount Vesuvius: The Destruction Of Pompeii's Life

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Many houses and lives were destroyed on this day in Pompeii. To begin, Mount Vesuvius was a major factor in the destruction in Pompeii. The effect of this eruption was hot ash raining down on the city of Pompeii. It was also the destruction of many peoples’ lives, houses, and the city of Pompeii. Next, In Pompeii they normally didn’t go to hospitals, they had a family member cure them.They also ate a variety of ancient foods,which they called “ancient fast food” because they never had long, sit- down dinner. In Pompeii they didn’t use any gadgets that have electricity like we have today. Last, archeologists studied the ancient ruins of Pompeii. They studied the daily lives and routines of citizens of Pompeii. One of the archeologists, Penelope
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