Mount Washington Tourism Analysis

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Introduction Mount Washington and Whistler represents two popular tourism destination for snowing sports in BC.Mount Washington receives the majority tourists from Vancouver Island due to the small size and low recognition,while Whistler on the other side,represents one of the highest level of a ski resort.The field school allocated a full day in Mount Washington where I get a opportunity to observe and compare the snow tour .Based on personal experience and literature review,this article aims to highlight the importance and crucial influence of destination marketing and management,as well as the solutions initiated in this respect within the Mount Washington,with reference to Whistler.
Statement and Background Destination
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Subsequently,Gardini details the function of promotion and marketing strategy and destination management by stating that the former affect mainly brand image while the latter affect “carry capacity ,firm efficiency and the consistency of all elements in the destination product mix”(p.5).He concluded that the marketing strategies affect brand position while the actual selection progress of a tourism destination is affected by supply management such as efficiency of tourism firm,good pricing policy and fast destination accessibility (p.14). Iordache,Cebuc,& Panoiu on the contrary,maintain that the brand is an increasing and determining factor of a tourists destination’s competitiveness by stating that a brand is the start point of marketing decisions thus express the personality of an organization or destination(2009,p.151).Furthermore,it is argued that the brand in developed economics has proven to be the main competitive advantage and influence for any service(p.153). BĂLTESCU (2011,p.156) discusses comparative advantage for a tourism destination by comparing Porter’s model and Calgary model to find out the necessity for the establishment of a organization to undertake the respective task to develop the…show more content…
As have mentioned above,Whistler was operated by a professional organization which involves multiple power and resources and Mount Washington is a private owned resort which could encourage external investment to expand the business,such as enriching tourism products. We should notice that the demand is changing and a modern concept of tourism could expand to cover all aspects of social life.Secondly, in order to respond to the changes in the tourism market, it is inevitable to increase the intensity of network marketing as well as network marketing innovation. It would be ideal to allocate special online team to deal with online orders ,online cooperation ,online after-sales service and online survey as well as effectively use these online communities to establish reputation.Lastly, firmly grasp the needs of tourist to innovate in service, products and infrastructure.Personal experience indicates that the service in Mount Washington is less thoughtful than that in Whistler which requires specific training about refined
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