Mount William Stone Axe Quarry Case Study

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Mount William Greenstone Axe Quarry located in suburb of Goldie, near the town of Lancefield in Central Victoria. It is approximately 60km north of Melbourne. The area of the quarry site is on a ridgeline located on the northern end of the Mount William Range. The site of the Mt William stone Hatcher quarry in size of around 18 hectares and is subdivided into two group, on the southern side have a size of 10ha portion into three lot with 8ha have 2.4m high fence and is owned by the Indigenous Land Cooperation and two private properties has one hectares each. On the northern side estimated 7 hectares of private land and is unfenced.
The vegetation at Mount William were originally covered by dry sclerophyll forest, however the quarry area have the long history of European disturbance including the clearance for grazing and
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An assessment of the cultural value of the site and its significance in Burra Charter terms.
• Aesthetic Value: The Landscape of Mount William quarry is surrounded by ranges such as Macedon Range, Dandenong Ranges and Great Diving Range, and standing on the top of the Mount William quarry will able to see the range and the valley. It also home to restricted pocket of original vegetation in modern day along the edge of ridge.
• Historic Value: Mount William Stone Axe Quarry is one of the most importance, largest and intensively worked quarries in Australia, with more than 260 mining pits and many mounds of waste rock and flaking floor scatters across the site surrounding the work station.
• Scientific Value: Diabase (greenstone) is suitable to aboriginal lifestyle with tool is a raw material which is product of an age of volcanic activity, tough, fine-grained basalt and shock-resistance so it won’t shattered when impact. Mount William in located on the center of the Cambrian belt greenstone quarries. It is one of the best retain sample of prehistoric rock mining and tool manufacturing technologies to have endured into the 19th

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