Mountain Bikers: The Stereotypes Of Women

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Well ladies, we have come a long way in the world haven 't we? Fifty years ago women were slaves to the domestic scene, expected to marry straight out of college and have three children by the time they were 30. Women stayed in the house cleaning, cooking and taking care of the children while their husbands were off earning the money. In addition, they could have never imagined themselves doing anything more extreme or exciting than knitting or playing cards with the neighbors down the street every Saturday night. Fast forward to present day where women are achieving goals never before imagined and participating in sports a woman fifty years ago could never have envisioned partaking in.

Of course staying home with your children and running
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While our world is far more accepting of breaking the male female stereotypes there are still many in society who are reluctant to break from the past. However mountain bikers are a strong group who share a love and a passion for mountain biking so when we encounter another rider, whether it be a male or female. We naturally gravitate towards them bound by a commonality of bikes and dirt, therefore in our world of riding as a community, stereotypes and assumptions tend to melt…show more content…
People ask “why would you want to subject yourself to a scabrous sport like mountain biking”? Women don 't like to get sweaty and smelly, furthermore women certainly don 't like being caked in dirt from head to toe. Yuck, this is definitely not lady-like behavior and involving yourself with a masculine sport such as mountain biking is not something a mother with two children and a good job should become involved with. Well, it might surprise them to know that there are many MTB moms out there who shred it up like crazy, and who 's own daughters will be inspired to think for
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