Mountain Climbers In Into The Wild

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In the novel, Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, stated multiple connections between psychological distress and mountain climbers. An analysis of mountain climbers reveals that more than 85% of them share a dilemma of psychological distress due to the dreadful experiences in their life (website). For numerous of climbers, it may have been a temporary adventure and for others it is a committed task they are willing to actualized. The novel describes Chris McCandless as an idealistic and intelligent man that has his own beliefs in how human beings should live their life. A ruthless man who thought his only solution was to escape into the wild. Chris McCandless, Jon Krakauer, Jon Waterman, Carl McCunn, and Everett Ruess share a psychological distress;…show more content…
These symptoms are anger management problems, obsessive thoughts or compulsions, physical symptoms not explained by a medical condition, decreased pleasure in sexual activities, hallucinations, delusions, reckless acts, and strange or unusual behaviors, etc. Chris McCandless relates to plenty of these symptoms that are are of psychological distress. For example, reckless acts and strange and unusual behavior occurred once he took the decision of disappearing. After his graduation, McCandless told his parents he was going to take a road trip during the summer, saying, "I think I 'm going to disappear for a while."(Krakauer, 156) By the time his parents realized that they had no way of making him change his mind, three months later, their beloved son had disappeared and unbeknownst to them, he had chosen a new name: Alexander Supertramp. Most of the time when the person that is going through a disorder they tend to change their name. By the individuals giving themselves a different name; it’s a way to forget what happened in their past. Another example would be decreased pleasure in sexual activities. Those with decreases in sexual activities believe that there’s no need for that kind of pleasure. For instance, McCandless only had two women in his life, his mom Billie McCandless and his sister Carine McCandless. In a documentary about Chris McCandless and his life, Billie mentions that he never brought a girl to their home. Also, in a letter to Chris, Billie implored, “ You have completely dropped away from all who love and care about you. Whatever it is ---whoever you 're with--- do you think this is right?” and McCandless angrily replied to the letter saying, “ What does she mean ‘whoever I 'm with … She must be fucking nuts. You know what I bet? I bet they think I 'm homosexual. How did they ever get that idea? What a bunch of imbeciles”
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