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Once I read the book Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder I learned about, Farmer a physician activist who’s the subject of this book, subtitled: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World. I can relate somewhat to this book one because I myself am HIV positive and seeing how one doctor is doing so much to help these people that have this diseases is very reassuring. Knowing that this man has dedicated his whole life to helping the poor get the proper meds to keep living there lives as normal as possible.
So who is this savior? Paul Farmer a doctor, who also is a Harvard professor; one of the best infectious disease specialist on top of that he is a medical anthropologist and a prolific writer. Dr.Farmer was a very busy man when it came to him being a father a husband on top of that being a doctor that travels very often, no matter what he always had a good sense of humor he was an all around good guy with a big ego. Like most leaders he is charismatic and needs little sleep, and he sees his way as the high way. Farmer’s biggest goal would be to cure the world if he could; he’s made an impressive start. He and his colleagues at Partners in Health, one of the organizations that started in 1987, has established the primary health care programs in Haiti, Peru, Mexico, Boston, Siberia, and Guatemala. Farmer couldn’t stop at
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Dr.Farmer can give up time with his family and put guilt aside, because it’s his job to help the poor and the very ill. Farmer believes one mantra: He is sick and I am a doctor. He was born for the work he does and is obligated to do so. Put aside his anger at the world doesn’t do its job of helping the poor and ill. He has no time for the angry. He must do his work. To justify going against some hospital protocol was very worth it Dr.farmer knew this was the only strategy to save the poor and

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