Mousetrap Car Essay

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The mousetrap car Sexy Beast didn’t do well on its final run, despite its excellent design. Unfortunately, the cause to the car 's poor performance is still a mystery. However, the car had excellent leverage, momentum, zero to low friction, and kinetic energy. The car’s gearing was made up of three different parts. First, was the axil which was larger in diameter to get the car going and then became smaller to give it more of a push. Second, was the wheels. The back wheels were larger so that the car would travel more distance. Although the front wheels were much smaller than the back wheels. Thirdly, the last part of the gearing was the lever arm. Sexy Beast’s lever arm was big enough to get the car going but not too large as to throw the car off balance or slow it down. The car 's linear momentum was low, at only .0195 kg*m/s. This could do with the fact that the car didn’t do well on the final run. Which affected its velocity which affects it Linear Momentum.…show more content…
Due to the design of the mousetrap car their was no friction. This is because the car was built to precise exactness that resulted in the car being friction free. The lack of friction should have resulted in a good run for Sexy Beast. Lastly, is the car 's kinetic energy and test design and plans. The car 's linear kinetic energy was significantly higher then it’s angular energy. The car 's linear energy is what was able to help get the car started. However, for some reason the car kept acting out and casing the car to stop without completely letting the lever arm complete its cycle. The car 's design was made to exactness as was mentioned earlier, as well as being a sound design. Due to that fact the car didn’t need to be changed as the test plans suggested because the car was strictly sound and did well on earlier performances. The mouse trap car Sexy Beast should’ve had an excellent run. However, due to some unknown reason wasn’t able to due it’s intended
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