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During the development of the mouth palate, two palate formations can be differentiated, namely the Primary palate and the Secondary palate. The purpose of the palates is to provide a division between the oral and the nasal cavities. Primary palate: Between the embryological period of week six and seven, formation of the primary palate takes place. The primary palate develops due to the merging of the medial and lateral nasal prominences with each other, and then the merging of the maxillary and the medial nasal prominences which pinches an epithelium layer which gives rise to the superior nasal epithelium and the inferior oral epithelium. The core of the primary palate is formed by the two epithelium layers mentioned above. The two layers…show more content…
The short oesophagus will grow quickly with the all over growth of the embryo. Splanchnic mesenchyme surrounds the oesophagus. The upper two-thirds of the oesophagus are striated and innervated by the vagus nerve. However, the lower third is smooth and is innervated by the splanchnic plexus. Stomach: During the 4th week of development the stomach appears. It appears first as a fusiform dilation of the foregut. The stomach undergoes certain rotations during its growth. When describing the rotations below, imaginary vertical and anteroposterior axis are used. First rotation: 90° clockwise This rotation occurs around the imaginary vertical axis. It results in the left side of the stomach changed to an anterior position and the right side in a posterior position. This also leads to a change in the innervation. The left vagus nerve innervates the left anterior stomach wall and the right vagus nerve innervates the right posterior stomach wall. During the 5th week the posterior wall keeps on growing and leads to the greater and lesser curvatures of the stomach. It develops because the dorsal border grows faster than the ventral

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