Move Fast And Break Things Summary

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When it comes to the topic of the Internet, most people would agree, that it is an ingenious tool, given to the global community, and that it has enriched their lives. In Johnathan Taplin's book, "Move Fast and Break Things," he provides a different perspective on the Internet and dominant companies in the world. Taplin focuses on the major movers and shakers of the World Wide Web and capitalist economy. He paints a picture of hidden agendas, unfair policies, and the corruption of democracy. In Taplin's chapter eleven, "What it Means to Be Human", he discusses how he believes the Internet and major companies are taking the humanity out of humans, crippling art, and misleading people with a false image. Taplin's perspective is important for people to be exposed to. Humans are often so memorized by the Internet that they do not question it, or the companies behind it. I believe that Taplin makes a lot of strong arguments in his book, but leaves out many positive attributes that the Internet has on the world. Yet, I agree with Taplin that people should take more care in understanding their relationship with the Internet, not only how it affects them, but …show more content…

He elaborates on the superficiality of online users personas, and how social media allows people to hide behind false and sometimes harmful personifications of themselves. Taplin continues by discrediting the integrity of popular online personalities and sites, and argues how their levity harms the quality of our culture. Taplin cites sources that debate the future of a world under 24 hour surveillance. He discusses how sites such as YouTube have made it possible for people to upload content and credit it as art. Taplin believes that the quality of work being circulated by mainstream individuals is resulting in producing mediocracy and passivity in peoples understanding of

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