Movement During Break

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Movement has shown to improve education, psychological, medical and behavioural skills. Movement has shown to be the best way for all children able, or mentally and physically disabled, to gain control of how they act and behave during and out of school. Movement helps students retain information that they had learnt priory either during school or knowledge of others. Teachers still today use the method of telling students of all ages to sit down and listen, trying to force information into students
All students need to relieve their stress and the best possible way to do so would be through movement during break. Research has shown that if a person sits down for longer than an hour doing work, that an hour is too long for the brain to concentrate,
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Research by journal paediatrics that at as little as 15 min break will highly impact the overall behaviour of students, it is the same for academics shown in research a 30 min activity break can highly benefit the overall grades of students. Studies in 2008 done by the university of Georgia showed that 65% of fatigue levels can be released by just 20 min of movement in break.(Blake,C,2015)

A 10 week study done by dr. Ronald W. Deitrick showed that without break children that had not participated in the task put on ten pounds of fat (averaged) while those that did take part only in the task only put on one pound of fat, in a survey of 200 principles 65 stated that they had seen an increase in better social skills than been in class the entire time. A study done in 2009 by the journal of paediatrics found that 15 more improved social and behavioural skills in working periods of class.(Toporek, R 2011)

People are coming together to move towards less physical education systems and more breaks in school, the Robert wood foundation founded in 2007 that as little as 36% of students receive the recommended amounts of physical activity. Also founding that recess is a crucial and necessary element in a childs development in day to day life.
Child hood obesity is becoming alarming shown by statistics caused by a lack of recess, recess is fundamental to childrens health as well as academics.( lue, E,
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