Movie Analysis: A 60 Year-Old Man With Anxiety

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Rick is a 60 year-old male who was persuaded by his nephew to seek counseling due to problems caused by anxiety. Rick explains that for the last two years he has suffered from anxiety, which he has difficulty managing. Rick married Doris when he was 22 years-old. They were married for ten years, during which time they had 3 children. The two youngest children died in a house fire when they were very young. Following their children’s death, the couple’s relationship became increasing strained. They divorced two years later. Their oldest son, William, lived with his mother following the divorce. Doris, had passed away, due to complications following a routine surgery, three years prior to Rick’s visit to your clinic. William, presently lives…show more content…
He uses the example of having work done on his roof last year that turned from a minor repair into a major repair that cost him thousands of dollars. Now he finds himself worrying that another such repair may come up. Rick is in good health but has seen his friends become ill suddenly and fears that this may happen to him. He states that he has been having difficulty falling asleep, that he feels on edge all the time, and has difficulty concentrating. He speaks of feeling isolated and that he is too embarrassed to have people over to his house, that his only social outlet is his nephew. Inquiring to the nature of his embarrassment, Rick admits that his nephew wanted him to seek counseling due to the condition of his house. He states that he is a bit of a “pack rat” and sees value in most things, making him incredibly reluctant to dispose of anything. He explains that he is a welder by trade and an artist on the side, so he likes to keep “bits and pieces” of metal. With further exploration, it is learned that Rick stores buckets of metal pieces about his home, in places stacked from floor to ceiling. He admits it is difficult to navigate his home due to his possessions. He describes his hallway being so full of stored items that he must turn sideways and “slide” along the wall. Further inquiry reveals that Rick’s collecting goes beyond scrap metal, extending to magazines,

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