Movie Analysis: A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire is a 1951 movie about the lives of conflicting personalities that continue until chaos happens and causes disaster within the household. The movie uses characters that disagree, do not get along, and bicker constantly to show the effects on the lives of the people surrounded by them. Not only do the characters contrast, but they also have many similarities and comparisons in the ways they deal with situations and the way they go about life every day. The movie starts by two sisters reuniting after several years with the urge to rekindle the love they once had; they are interfered when the husband of the younger sister constantly feuds with his wife, her sister, and everyone around him. In this film, the lives and personalities of Blanche and Stanley differ and also have some comparison in the ways they effect the people around them. Blanche, being the way she is, does not get along with Stella’s husband, Stanley. This feud leads to the outcome of disaster and eventually leads to the devastation of the people that they are surrounded by. Throughout life, we are surrounded by diverse personalities. Whether good or bad, we have to face…show more content…
Another similarity is they are both loud and irrational. Blanche always exaggerates about everything and screams profusely. When Mitch leaves her she walks outside and screams at the top of her lungs knowing she will never have a good man in her life. After Stella was beaten by Stanley, she threatened to leave him and take their child with her. Stanley watches Stella walk up the stairs to her friend’s house when everything hits him at once. Stanley realizes what he has done and shouts out STELLA for the whole world to hear. In the end, due to the fact that Blanche loses everything, including her mind, Stanley decides to send her to an insane asylum where she will spend most of her
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