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1. American Assassin And yet another book becomes a Hollywood flick. Director Michael Cuesta brings Vince Flynn’s novel American Assassin on screen with Dylan O’Brien as Mitch Rapp. The performance of the cast salvages what is otherwise a cliché spy thriller. Plot Mitch Rapp’s life is shaken when his girlfriend is killed in a terrorist attack on the day he proposed her. Months later, Rapp establishes contact with the terror cell and is invited over to their base where he plans to kill the mastermind. However, he is denied vengeance as a CIA team ambushes the group. CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy, played by Sanaa Lather, then recruits Rapp and places him with Black Ops cell Orion…show more content…
One day, Crack is transferred from Hubbali to Bangalore to solve a murder case which involves a serial killer. The killings seem unrelated and unmotivated at first and keep happening more frequently with time. To make matters worse, the miscreant seems to have his love interest, played by Akanksha, on the hit list. Will Crack crack the case in time? Analysis On the one hand, the movie manages to keep the suspense regarding the murderer’s true identity till the end, but at the same time,there is so much distraction from the comedic sequences that the audience might even stop caring by the end. The action sequences are repeats of every Indian action movie filled with slow motion and an unbeatable hero. There are however some witty jokes here and there, and the songs are good. Prabhakaran is entertaining to watch. Star Performances Prabhakaran gives his all to entertain his audience and mark his comeback into the Sandalwood. Akanksha is relegated to nothing more than eye candy for the audience. The rest of the cast tend to overact their parts including Prashant and Padmaja Rao. What’s…show more content…
b) Suspense – the movie keeps the audience guessing about the serial killer until the very end. c) Full package – Ramnarayan gives the viewers a full dose of action, comedy, romance and suspense. d) Witty jokes. e) Good songs from music directorsChinna and ShamitaMalnad. What’s not there? a) Focus – the plot tends to sidetrack a lot away from the suspense, diverting towards romance and comedy. b) Too many overused jokes. c) Too much overacting. d) A good character. Instead, we have the typical South Indian protagonist who can do everything and anything. e) Instead of a confident and intriguing female lead role, we have the typical fair damsel in distress. Verdict If you are a bigPrabhakaran fan, you will enjoy this. If you are not a fan, but like the cliché stuff, go ahead. Else you may give it a miss as it has little to offer other than Prabhakaran and a few witty

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