Movie Analysis: An Analysis Of Walter Mitty's Daydreams

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Consequently, Walter Mitty’s daydreams aid the plot of the movie to move forward. When the story begins, it is possible to see a Walter Mitty who doesn’t express his feelings; he doesn’t communicate his desires nor his opinions. He is always doing what he is told to in his work, sorting negatives for Life magazine’s publications, without complaining. He has a tedious routinely life, he only goes from home to work and back home. Furthermore, he has to take care of an aging mother and a wacky sister since his father’s death. He never does what his heart tells him to do when he confronts his co-worker, Cheryl Melhoff, to show her the hopeless crush he has on her; neither when he confronts hi new boss (name). This led him to slip into fantasies about the things he would like to experience. It is possible to…show more content…
Now he is a brand new person, true to his beliefs and desires, a person who doesn’t need to daydream any longer. Now he can live the life he has always wanted to, he has triumphed over his acceptance of his previous, dull life. After his awareness of this new life opportunity, he actually ventures out into the world tracing Sean O Connor to find negative 25. He goes to Greenland, to Ireland, where he has to deal with certain life changing experiences, for example, when he has to escape from a volcano eruption. Subsequently, he comes back home without finding the negative but his mother gives him the power to keep on following Sean so he goes to the Himalayas and finally founds him there. After this, he finally stands up for himself against his boss, and he asks Cheryl out on a date. What it is important to point out is that from this moment on he starts to understand life and act on his feelings, he no longer zones out but lives his
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