Movie Analysis: Fed Up

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“Fed Up” is an eye-opening movie that tells you about the sins of the food industry and that almost everything you know about food and exercise is wrong. First of all, there’s a mantra that is being repeated to obese and fat people that doesn’t actually work. The mantra is “Eat Less, Exercise More.” This phrase doesn’t always work for most people because not only do you need to exercise, you need to actually watch what you put into your body. If I used to eat like 14 bags of chips per day, and then cut it off to 5 bags of chips and a Coca Cola, I doubt that I’d actually lose weight or become healthier. One of the biggest sins done by the food industry is that big food corporations sometimes partner up with professional medical groups, so that those medical groups can withhold information that may critic a company’s product(s). It is truly terrifying to know that big corporations are actually jeopardizing the health of the public just to gain more money. Moving on to the next sin is that many food corporations often change the names of ‘Sugar’ and ‘Calories’ to sell more of their products. Sports drinks usually change ‘Calories’ to ‘Energy,’ making the bottle look healthier than it actually is. Other types of packaged food have names like ‘dextrose’ or ‘high-fructose corn syrup’…show more content…
The purpose of this marketing strategy is to have kids addicted early in their life, so that as they grow, they will think that their products are ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ food. Kids watch an average of 4000 food-related ads every year and much of those ads are for products high in sugar, fat, and salt. This marketing strategy is so toxic to people, especially young ones. More than millions of children and teens are considered overweight, today. If children are surrounded by unhealthy food everyday for the rest of their lives, how do you suppose they can break that kind of habit or addiction
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