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When you talk about the greatest films of all time you have to mention The Shawshank Redemption. This film is at the top of IMDB’s top 250 list, ranking in at number one above films like The Dark Knight and the all time classic The Godfather. This movie is so appealing in so many ways, in my opinion it is ranked number one because of the fact that it hits the Christian aspect, has a character you can feel for and of course has a satisfying ending. But thats not what I am going to be focusing this paper on. I wanted to focus this paper on three key scenes that we did discuss in class but I really wanted to breakdown because they were so interesting. So starting off, isn’t it ironic that Red who says he “the only guilty man in Shawshank” and…show more content…
So walking into the second parole meeting we have red come in the same way as the first one and this time the parole member says, “Sit down” in such a monotone way as if he doesn’t care what he has to say. They essentially have the same conversation as the first time, he says he’s served 30 years of a life sentence and then proceeds to ask if he feels rehabilitated. Red responds just like he practiced except in a different tone of voice. At the end we hear Red say this, “No danger to society here.” Yes he did say that in the first one and yes he did say “Gods honest truth” again but it sounds like he doesn’t care at all. When we hear Red say this we think nothing of it but if we break this down a bit and see where we are at the movie, there could be a darker meaning behind this. He’s saying this saying in this monotone, depressed voice because its not that he’s become a better man it’s that he has nothing to look forward to on the outside just like Brooks. He knows if he gets released he would have the same fate as Brooks. Once again the scene is set with light on Reds face but its all gloomy and has depressing feeling to

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