Hector And The Search For Happiness Essay

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Hector & The Search For Happiness “ I wanna know if I can be happy," cries the squeamish psychiatrist Hector, as African strangers hold him at ruling gunpoint. In the film, Hector & The Search For Happiness, the young psychiatrist searches eagerly for a better understanding of the euphoric emotion to display to his patients. While in the midst of Hector’s bold adventure to comprehend happiness, he soon realizes that the point of the journey focuses on finding his own understanding of it. In the two weeks of the journey, the humdrum psychiatrist learns through the exhilarating heart-pounding experiences the true meaning of happiness; love, Hector soon learns that happiness comes from the love of learning experiences, the love two people share, and feels/witnesses the despair when the lack of love results in unhappiness.
Throughout his journey, Throughout his journey, Hector comes to realize that the love people
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In the beginning of his journey, Hector witnesses first-hand how separation from family and lack of self-appreciation could result in sorrow and disappoint from listening to his friend Yin Ling during a lunch date. While in Africa, the psychiatrist gains access to understanding the feelings of drug lord, Diego Baresco and finds out that he cannot allow himself to be happy knowing that his family struggles. This situation paints a picture to Hector of man who bases his own feelings off his family, and allows his shoulders to carry the sorrow and discomfort of his actions towards them. Finally, during the last strive of his adventure. Hector begins feeling discomfort when each conversation with Clara ends with a disagreement, and finally feels the full load of his sorrow when the chance of losing her increases. These experiences taught Hector the impact loved ones can display on
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