Movie Analysis In Clash Of The Titans

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Movie Analysis in Clash of the Titans

This paper will illustrate and evaluate the movie Clash of the Titans Directed by Louis Leterrier. The paper will use Mythological and Archetypal under these are: archetypes, motifs and patterns, and binary oppositions by Vladimir Propp and Tzvetan Todorov. The paper will also state an overall impression about the movie, brief summary of the story, positive thoughts, negative thoughts, and total summary to restate and convince the audience and to claim if it is a good or bad movie to watch. This paper will only rely on the solid information and evidence of the movie.
In ancient times were people are adamant to defeat their predecessors, the Titans, gods of the divided Universe between of themselves. Zeus
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Queen Cassiopeia rudely compares her daughter Andromeda and boasts that the beauty of her daughter is greater than Aphrodite. The festivity stops upon Hades arrival who was allowed by Zeus to give punishment to the mortals for their rebellion against the gods. Hades told them that he will unleash the Kraken his own monster to the city of Argos, unless they will sacrifice Andromeda their princess as an offering to the Kraken, before Hades left he told everyone that Perseus is a demigod who happens to be the son of the King of gods…show more content…
Meanwhile, the Kraken was released by Zeus and people started to panic and die, and the equal power on Olympus switch. Riding on the Pegasus, Perseus reached Argos and exposes Medusa’s head right in the eyes of the Kraken, and slowly the Kraken in turning into stone. The Kraken was already defeated and Hades was sent to the underworld by striking a lightning bolt. Perseus saved Andromeda, and she became the Queen of Argos. Zeus appear in front of Perseus proclaiming that if Perseus chooses to be mortal he should not be living alone he must be together with

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