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The Analysis of Autism Syndrome from Main Character “Abang” in Rectoverso Movie CHAPTER I Introduction 1.1 Background of Study Movie is a series of still images when shown on a screen, creative the illusion of moving images. For many people, movie is one thing that can’t be separated from human life. Sometimes, when the people feel bored, they like to spend their time by watching the movie. Every years the movie in Indonesia has been growing rapidly by having a wide variety of genres on offer. Start from romantic, comedy, horror until the movie which is has antology genre. One of movie in Indonesia which is has antology genre is Rectoverso. In our daily life language is very important. Language cannot be separated from human life, language is the main tool in delivering the ideas for the speakers and the hearer. It has many function are to communicate to each other, to share their thoughts and ideas. In some cases there are few people who have weakness in the some part of body or ability to think and it can make their difficulties in language. Without producing language, the people can’t talk to each other and communicate in their life. According to Kess (1992, p.1), “language is all-pervasive in our lives and it’s function is hat communication”. Hudson (1996, p. 22) states that defines a variety of a language as ‘a set of linguistic items with similar distribution,’. But, according to Ferguson (1972, p.30) states that variety is any body human speech patterns which

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