Movie Analysis: Lone Survivor

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Lone Survivor is based on a true story about Operation Red Wings during the war in Afghanistan; the operation was for SEAL Team 10 to take out Ahmad Shah. Three of the four members survive a firefight and Afghan villagers protect him due to the code of honor called “Pashtunwali” until the U.S military can get to him. Lone Survivor is an extraordinary movie because it is intense, captivating and eye opening; it shows how life can really be for U.S military troops.
Lone Survivor is very intense because of how emotional it is. The plot line was set up in the first few scenes in a way that showed how close Marcus Luttrell, Danny Dietz, Michael Murphy and Matthew Axelson were. With most of the population in the United States being related or knowing someone in the military or who has been in the military the movie draws out a lot of emotions. People usually do not realize what all the troops go through or what they see and how they feel. Most people who have been in the military have some level of PTSD and this movie does help paint the picture of why. They do not play music in the background during the whole movie, only during action parts. Towards the end of the firefight, when Dietz is still up top on the mountain and Murphy is going to go back up
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In the beginning it shows Marcus being flown into a military bases hospital, he is all bloody and out of it, and the narrator says something along the lines of, “I died out there with my brothers.” This peeks the interest of what all happened out there in the field. There are parts of the movie that are very shocking, for instance during the firefight Marcus and the guys find themselves at the edge of a cliff, Marcus tells them to jump. They all jump and go flying down the mountain, breaking who know how many bones. Knowing that it is life and death for them, keeps people wanting to know what happens
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