Movie Analysis: Ordinary People

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Analysis of Ordinary People In the movie Ordinary People, the Jarrett family experiences dysfunction since the death of their son, Buck, and from lack of communication among them. If they use conflict management strategies, their struggles and problems would improve significantly. Beth, Calvin, and Conrad act in either silence or violence, though if AMPP was used toward Conrad he could express himself more openly. Beth’s recognition of her own role in their issues and the creation of safety by Beth and Calvin would lessen the dysfunction of their family. Conrad often displays silence and violence because of his sense of detachment from his parents. For example, when Conrad is at the breakfast table he does not talk to his parents. This shows him withdrawing from the conversation. He also tells his father that he sleeps fine, which is an example of masking the truth. At the beginning, Conrad refuses to tell his doctor what is wrong and he acts in a similar way toward his ‘girl’ friend after she laughs at the boys in the restaurant. His behavior shows his avoidance of sensitive issues. In addition, Conrad acts in forms of violence. He yells…show more content…
She exhibits masking by changing the subject when Conrad finds her in Buck’s room and by claiming their problems are just a private, personal family matter, therefore she does not need to see a doctor. Beth withdraws herself when she walks away from Conrad outside. Furthermore, she avoids taking a picture with only Conrad. Instead, she tries to take a picture of Calvin, Conrad, and his grandfather. She avoids, too, talking about Buck’s funeral (something that has been bothering Calvin) when it is brought up. On the other hand, her violent behavior is shown through her reaction to others. She immediately throws away Conrad’s french toast and does not give him a chance to eat. Beth gets defensive when family problems are brought up, while often speaking in a harsh, vulgar
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