Hurt Village Movie Analysis

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Furthermore, psychological terminology that can be found in the movie is relatedness. Relatedness is the psychological need to develop close emotional relationship and connection with other people. In the movie, we can see that Michael shows relatedness when he protects S.J. from the terrible accident. Michael and S.J. are on their way to get a new video game for the S.J. and the incident happened when Michael’s car collide with a small truck when it is about to reverse in front of them. Michael shows relatedness when he blocked S.J. using his arm to stop the airbag from fully hitting him in order to protect S.J. from the car crash. Fortunately, both of them safe and S.J. only have very minor injuries. Michael felt very sorry to Leigh Anne…show more content…
This can be seen from the movie when Michael turns up in Hurt Village to look for his mom but a fight breaks out as Michael attacking his old crew for threatening Leigh Anne and Collins. He is so scared and makes him to flashback the moment when he was taken from his mother by the police. Finally, the psychological terminology that can be learned from the movie is self-schemas. Self-schemas are cognitive generalizations about the self which are learned from past experience. For example, in the movie Michael’s self-schemas is being protective. He had big protective instinct which generally shows that Michael’s self-schemas is the protection of others. He starts to put the best on the game as realizes that his football team are his family and so he believe that he need to protect one another in the field. In conclusion, The Blind Side is one of the best movies that really impact me in a way to motivate me in order to engage fully in lives. The movie is an ‘eye opener’ in which gives me the sense of value to truly help each other so that ones have a better chance in life. It shows that the end result will be awesome if we truly love and care for each other despite of different races, different colors and different social economic
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