Movie Analysis: Silver Linings

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In the movie Silver Linings the actions are Pat Solatano, Sr., Dolores Solatano, Pat Solatano Jr., and Tiffany Maxwell. In the movie Pat Jr’s mother (Dolores Solatano) came and got him from the Karel Psychiatric Facility, in Baltimore, Maryland without Pat Sr., knowing that he was coming home.After the release from his mother he had to live with his parents in Philadelphia. He was supposed to be in the facility for a minimum of 8 months for court orders. The reason the court was involved was because he beat up Nikki, the love of his live. Nikki had placed a restraining order on Pat for beating her up, soon after he was diagnosed with the disorder of Bipolar. He has medication, but refuses to take the medication due to the fact that it makes him feel funny and he does not like the feeling. He had to go to therapy classes to make him feel…show more content…
Pats triggers were seeing his wife (Nikki) in the shower with a co- worker. When he heard the song from his wedding in the background, he blew up. The restraining order that his wife placed on him was another example of his disorder. His signs and symptoms were many manic and depressive mood swings which leads to bipolar I. Pat did have treatment, he was on medication and therapy that was a court order. With the treatment he was a better person and did better about controlling his emotions. My theory on the bipolar disorder is the disorder is people who have many mood swings, they jump back and forth between moods because they can’t find a happy mood to fit themselves. My approach on this disorder is psychodynamic approach because they deal with the behavior and feelings of motives. I would treat this patient with therapy for anxiety and depression issues because with the bipolar disorder anxiety and depression are two main side effects of the disorder. Pat also has PTSD when the wedding song is played which can also be a side effect of bipolar
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