Movie Analysis: Supersize Me

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Snow Yu Bio 60 09/22/16 In movie "Supersize me", Morgan Spurlock did a social experiment with fast food where he attempted to eat nothing but food from McDonald 's menu for an entire month. From the start of the movie, I thought this was not a good idea for his body. But it indeed gave me an idea of what will happen to you if you do eat the way he did. In some way, I do think that Morgan Spurlock was just doing this for an entertainment but in a way it you can see how people are eating in America and how it is still happening. This movie is very old to know if the information are still correct but these days, there are people who would eat three meals a day at a fast food restaurant. It is because of the environment they live in and where fresh food and…show more content…
Or it is just because of the economic situation they may encounter. This movie gave me a new opening of perspective of McDonald. I was very surprised that in the movie, the big companies were actually promoting people to buy the supersize meals. The regular size was already filled with a lot of fats and calories and they wanted people to buy the supersize. It is just disgusting how they just money and don 't care about a person health. Over the years, I know the unhealthy benefits a person can get from eating just a few items from McDonald or any kind of fast food restaurants. As for me, I barely go to any fast food restaurant. Since I was little, I was taught not to eat food from outside too much and to eat food at home. And later it became a habit, I think this is one of the habit a human being should get to used to. They can save money and be healthy at the same time. From a young age children should learn how to eat healthy and delicious food. When kids were asked in the movie about who was the first president of America, they did not know the answer. But when a picture of a fast food restaurant logo was shown, it seemed like they know who and what it is by heart. I believe education
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