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The 12 Biggest Badass Movie Vigilantes “Revenge is sweet and not fattening,” Alfred Hitchcock noted—and indeed it is, especially on the big screen. For some reason, it's always sweeter when it’s delivered outside the justice system, by citizens unafraid to take the law into their own hands. Here are 12 of the most monumental movie vigilantes, but please, don't repeat their epic cinematic actions at home. 12. Paul Kersey (Death Wish I-V) After his wife gets murdered and his daughter sexually assaulted by criminals, Paul Kersey takes vengeance by cleaning New York's streets of all crooks and thieves. The former Korean War veteran played by Charles Bronson attempts to achieve that in a rather merciless and straightforward manner, gunning…show more content…
Harry Brown (Harry Brown) Flawlessly played by Michael Caine, Harry Brown is the oldest vigilante on our list. At first, he appears to be a kind and unassuming senior citizen who spends most of his time playing chess with his best friend. But when his friend is killed by a gang of juvenile delinquents, the former Royal Marine teaches them a lesson in respecting the elderly that they’ll never forget! 5. Maximus (Gladiator) Perhaps the boldest example of vigilantism on our list takes us to the Roman Empire's famous colosseum. Maximus, the former general, is fuelled to avenge the murder of his wife and child by killing the evil emperor himself. A dear sacrifice is made, but it serves as a turning point that leads Rome to a brighter future. 4. Batman (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises) By far the most recognizable cinematic vigilante, Batman needs little introduction. Unlike colleague superheroes, this Guardian of Gotham City doesn’t possess any superpowers. So he relies primarily on intellect, strong will and innumerable skills, as well as on substantial wealth. Justice is served using cutting-edge technology capable of frightening even the nastiest of enemies. 3. Black Mamba (Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and

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