Movie Analysis: The Crime Of Padre Amaro

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Chan, Mikee Ann M. April 29, 2015
The Crime of Padre Amaro
If someone were to ask me for a word that would sum what being human is for, I’d say the word “love.” Everything that we do, no matter what the nature of the act is, all goes back to love. I bought that dress because I love the color. My parents married each other, because they love one another. I, myself, is a product of love. That man on the street stole money to buy food for the family that he sorely loves. Love, therefore, is also an instrumental good – a means to achieve a certain end. As a child, I thought of love as something good; and its inherent goodness – something we need not explain. Now, I would not readily say so. As what a teleologist
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Sideline to the story are the various events in the lives of the people living in the quaint little Catholic town, Los Reyes.
Unbeknownst to most people, the movie is lightly adapted from an 1875 book O Crimo do Padre Amaro. The most obvious difference between the movie and the book was the motivation behind Amaro becoming a priest. In the novel, he was only pushed into being one. Even then, he was not able to wholly stand by his vows. In the movie, though not explicitly stated, we can see how devoted Padre Amaro is to his vocation. Both versions led to the newly ordained father meeting and falling for Amelia. Nevertheless, both the movie and the book ended with the crimes of Padre Amaro unexposed and Amelia deprived of justice.
What made the film controversial are the horrendous deeds done by the person you least expected – a priest. The crimes of Padre Amaro ranged from breaking his vow of celibacy, blasphemy and abortion. Now, I shall commit myself to the ethical analysis of the movie that made me question a lot of things. I have divided my analysis into three parts discussing topics that I’ve chosen to highlight. According to Plato, “The unexamined life is not worth
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One of the main consequences of the crime of Padre Amaro is Amelia’s pregnancy.

III. Catholicism and the people

If These Walls Could Talk (part 2)
Heraclitus said that change is the only permanent thing in the world.

If these walls could talk 2 is a movie whose story spanned over thirty decades – a story of time and the changes that happened with its passing. Gender discrimination with respect to lesbianism was the issue tackled in this movie.
What I would want to contemplate on is whether lesbianism is good or bad, and right or wrong.
In Genesis, we were told that man was created by God and that woman was created out of man. So it was man and woman. In Biology, one of the most apparent characteristics of life is the ability to reproduce or to create an offspring through reproduction - a process that is very much important in the survival of species. Reproduction is then carried out by a biologically male and an equally biologically female. All of these stresses the order and simplicity of things. A male is a man; and a female is a woman. Therefore, anything other than that has got to be bad and wrong, right? A female acting like a man and vice versa is an
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