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The Godfather follows a similar pattern of the many medium classics Hollywood used to create in time periods or circumstances that are not here any longer. It absolutely was created during a era when the recent Hollywood folded, and therefore the new rules hadn 't been established. The studios were willing to experiment and to provide the film author 's free reign over their projects. One of such authors was Francis Ford Coppola. The movie that earned its cult standing by satisfying both the high standards of snobby critics and also the easy desires general audience. The greatness of the show cannot be seen solely in a success that followed him in a last quarter of century. It could be even more tangible in a series of references,…show more content…
Don Vito has 3 sons - Michael, whose masculine temperament is nicely combined with the calm knowledge of his adopted brother and family authority Tom Hagen hedonistic Fredo, and eventually, college educated Michael. However, Michael 's reluctant to engage within the family business. enraged by Don Vito 's refusal to engage in narcotic operations, other Mafia families from new york organise the attempt on his life, just by making an attempt to shield his father, Michael gets drawn within the war and slowly becomes the rising member of his crime organisation.Since both the real world Mafia and various Italian american organization truly tried to prevent this film from being created or distributed.It is even more shocking to see The Godfather not only as a inspiration to other, less original, filmmakers, but alsoto the real-world gangsters World Health Organization tried to imitate the appearance of his main characters. However, though the film may appear somewhat bit apologetic towards Mafia, and undoubtedly has insider 's point of view, it still has the flavor of legitimacy, necessary for the viewer to possess a crucial relations towards the characters and their virtuously questionable actions.The incredibleness of the film is not only in some references towards real life mobsters and mob connected stories and…show more content…
The cast is really quite spectacular, although several actors and actresses later did not live to the potential indicated by their performance during this film.Those who like analysing movies to death would in all probability ask why The Godfather kept its cult status through the quarter of century. there have been several well created, well directed and well acted movies made in the years before and after, however it appears that only The Godfather stood the test of time and kept the imagination of the future moviegoers. the reason may possibly be within the universal subject of the movie; although it shows rather obscure and ethnically isolated phenomenon the messages of The Godfather can be translated on all the world 's languages and applied to alternative systems in several times and places. The film portrays each the society and individuals lost their freedom because they were too insecure or unprepared for responsibility; same because the poor Italian immigrants had to trust the Mafia to overcome the difficulties of new World, Michael is forced to join the family because he, despite all his efforts, cannot live in a insecure world outside his father 's

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