Movie Analysis: The Men Who Built America

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Visualize that you are an American that is unemployed and trying to look for a job, however everywhere you go the jobs are very limited. Well believe it or not that, many Americans are losing their jobs due to many reasons. Keep on reading to discover the reasons why American losing there jobs, for instance technology, low wage, and because the fat cats are manufacturing products overseas. To begin with, the first factor of why there is a limited amount of employment is because of technology. Technology is a big factor because a machine can do a task faster than a human. For instance, in the folk/labor song “John Henry” it states that he wasn't going to let the steam drill beat him. As technology evolved, many families went into poverty, and at this point technology has decreased the job opportunity. In the movie, “The Men who Built America” it showed how important railroads were important to the economy at the time and many people has jobs. However, a few decades later many of these jobs were removed because the of trucks which transport more cargo than trains.…show more content…
In fact, in the political cartoon “The Protectors of our Industry” it shows how Cyrus Field, Jay Gould, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Russell Sage were paying their workers on average about $9 a week. Since many workers were angry about their wages, as a result many went on strike. For this reason, the fatcats hired Deputy Sheriffs to stop the strikes. On January 20, 1915 the “New York Times” stated that there was a strike in Liebig Plant in Carteret NJ. 1 Killed and 20 shot during this strike. There was a youngster named Stephen Dodd at the strike which showed that there was no child labor laws back then and how even the children had to work because their parents were not earning enough

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