Movie Analysis: The Offensive Movie

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The Offensive Movie Cliché that won’t die was written by Matt Zoller Seitz in 1999. Matt Zoller’s argument towards the word Negro that says Negro started to fall out of fashion about 40 years age. The term Negro remained a transitional word that fell between the white comforting damaged beside the extra violently to oppositional black. The center of the movie was about the relationship between a white and a black man. Thematic Pattern" discusses how American films reveal several phases of society. Americans have acquired inconsistent ideas on development in both actual world and in the movies. There have been several facts in history and in movies that heroes are alive with several upright characters such as self-sacrifice, thoughtful, and sympathetic. First of all, the word Negro mean dark-skinned group of peoples originally native to Africa south of the Sahara. The black were not respected because of their color and were treated differently. The black did not have a voice to say anything when it comes to violence in work or criminal act. Because of their color. Everybody though it was John who killed the three little girl but when John takes Paul's hand and says he has to show Paul a part of himself in order for Paul Kialen #2…show more content…
It was discovered that Wharton had raped and killed the two young girls, and that John is innocent and was unfairly convicted. Paul asks John what he must do, if he would open the door and lease John walk away. John told him that there was too much pain in the world, in which he was sensitive, and says he was correctly tired of pain and was ready to be rest. For his latter appeal on the night before his execution, John watched the film when he was put in the electric chair. He flaked crying and he asks Paul not to put the traditional black cover over his head because he was scared of the dark. Paul agreed, shakes his hand as a farewell, and John was
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