Movie Analysis: Therapeutic Patients

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What I learned from this movie that will impact my practice as a nurse is to never assume that a client who holds the same profession, smart, or a scholar is able to comprehend their own diagnosis or treatment plan so quickly. Regardless of anyone’s position, we should inform the client about their health conditions and treatment plan with great sensitivity and respect. I felt that the client was not given enough time to think about her decision regarding the chemotherapy treatment involved. Dr. Kelekian and his team are respected well in their work and research. However, they seem to focus more on their research and often times failed to treat Vivian with respect and sensitivity. For instance, during Dr. Kelikien and his team’s ground rounds, no one asked or warn the patient if it’s ok for them to palpate the tumor in her abdomen. The patient responded well during their assessment. Nevertheless, this left her wanting to know what the team means when they “anatomized” her. Vivian also stated “that her only defense is her acquisition with vocabulary “. This portrays…show more content…
According to Dr. Hoffman, patient-centered care involves providing the patient/ family an opportunity to participate in making decisions regarding their current and future healthcare needs. Next, incorporation of the patients preference and values in developing his or hers’s treatment plant is needed. We also need to maintain an ongoing two-way communication between the patient/ family members and the team to encourage the patient to ask questions about their care, and treatment. In fact, the information and educational materials related to their health needs and all hospital consent forms should be written in a language that a patient can comprehend at their level. Moreover, the patient’s condition and experience must be evaluated throughout their care and address any concerns or improvements that needs to be

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