Movie Analysis: Twelve Angry Men

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The movie “Twelve Angry Men” illustrates how twelve men are the jury reflecting a young man’s life who may or may not be the murder of his father. The main objective at aim is to reach a reasonable agreement by negotiation. The boy’s fate of being not guilty or guilty and being sentenced to death is in the hands of these men. Over the course of the jury’s deliberation, a number of differences take place. In the end, these assorted differences are negotiated and agreed upon. Even though some took more time and effect than other, a decision was made. In the movie analysis, I will be discussing the how many personalities, moralities, and more contributed to the negotiation and resolution. The most distinctive juror in the movie was Juror eight. This is due to the many different negotiating tactics that he uses. One in particular that got my attention was his motive of appealing the people’s empathy. The people’s sympathy and concern for this young man’s life was the main goal in this murder trial. When he convinces the other jurors to talk it over for another hour, Juror eight also exemplifies the foot-in-the-door approach. In additional to the above tactics, he…show more content…
The juror demonstrates autonomy, which is the neglecting of ulterior motives, stating early on in the process that he was not attempting to take sides on any behalf. He only wanted to simply provide justice for all. As far as consistency, he stands his ground throughout the process, by not altering his opinion or position. By showing his fairness, he stays tolerable and practical. An example of him displaying investment by taking the position of the majority. By taking that sacrifice, he assigns himself as the leader of the group. He also exhibits the aspect of rigidity by reducing the influence that is somehow perceived in a negative manner.
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