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Movie Clip Analysis The aim of this assignment is to draw upon and use all the lessons in class as well as readings to identify and illustrate at least 3 of the leadership characteristics discussed in class. Furthermore, I will think if that behavior is conducive to good leadership and if I believe that I would have acted differently in the situation. Movie Clip: “Chicken Run” First, I would like to discuss the movie “Chicken Run”, which had its premier in 2000 and is categorized as a stop-motion animated comedy. Ginger, one of the hens, aims to escape from Tweedy’s farm. In the movie clip seen, she shares her vision with the other hens. Ginger shares her vision of wanting to escape in a way, which is inspiring to me. She paints pictures while speaking that are easy to follow as well as easy to remember i.e. she is talking about fences in the heads and empty nests as well as green grass. Talking…show more content…
Coach Carter locked up the gym to stop his basketball team from practice and rather wants to meet his team in the library, where he is about to hold an inspirational speech filled with shocking facts. Coach Carter meets his team in the library and talks to his team about his vision and why it is important for him that the gym is locked. Coach Carter stated previously that the players need to have a 2.3 GPA, unlike the 2.0 GPA high school basketball players usually require, however, Coach Carter made it a 2.3 GPA in the contract. For me this is already encouraging since that shows that he has faith in his players and wants them to have faith in themselves as well. In my opinion, this is a sign of encouragement since he believes that they are capable of achieving a 2.3 GPA while playing basketball. Moreover, he also challenges the process with this by not taking over the usual 2.0 GPA

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