Movie Clip Analysis: Chicken Run

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Movie Clip Analysis

The aim of this assignment is to draw upon and use all the lessons in class as well as readings to identify and illustrate at least 3 of the leadership characteristics discussed in class. Furthermore, I will think if that behavior is conducive to good leadership and if I believe that I would have acted differently in the situation.

Movie Clip: “Chicken Run”

First, I would like to discuss the movie “Chicken Run”, which had its premier in 2000 and is categorized as a stop-motion animated comedy. Ginger, one of the hens, aims to escape from Tweedy’s farm. In the movie clip seen, she shares her vision with the other hens.

Ginger shares her vision of wanting to escape in a way, which is inspiring to me. She paints pictures
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Coach Carter states that nobody is expecting the players to go to college and that he thinks that it’s a problem that they only focus on basketball. He remains calm at the beginning of the meeting in the library and says that it is about all of them. He encourages the heart by telling them that he sees a system that is designed for them to fail, that only 50% graduate and that only 6% of the graduates make it to college. Furthermore, he states that maybe only 1 student is going to college in the room and that especially for young African American men they will go to prison in that area: 33% of the 18-24 year olds get arrested. Coach Carter encourages the heart on a very personal level by brining in shocking facts about the past and involving their friends and families. When he asks each individual to look to the person on the left and then to the person on the right, mentioning that one of the three will most likely be arrested in the future, he makes his point very clear that he wants to change that and that the players should want to change that. Moreover, he encourages them to look at their lives tonight and at the ones of their parents and ask themselves if they want it better. He mentions that if they do, they should go to practice on the next day and that Coach Carter himself will do everything to get them a better life and to get them to college. By having said that, he enables them to act if they want to change their life, meaning they would come to practice on the next day, or by accepting the standards, meaning they would not come to practice on the next day. The given environment for the young basketball players did not look well, yet the parents of them hoped for scholarships through being scouted at a game, not everybody would get
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