Movie Club Analysis

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Now that it has been almost three years since I started college, I have accomplished so much that I thought would never be possible for me. I have almost completed my Associates in Arts degree with all most straight A’s. In high school, this was never the case for myself, I was too worried about guys and partying. I also didn’t have the support from my family either. I have now buckled down and have focused all my energy on my school work. I am about to be the first person in my family to have a college degree. This couldn’t have been possible without my fiancé help and support. He puts in extra hours and works side jobs just to pay all the bills, while I focus on my school work. He even is supported of all my activities that I try to plan for other students. My role as a President of the Movie Club…show more content…
This has really helped me connect with others and practice on my leadership skills. I used these new skills and the connections I have gained on campus during the It’s On Us campaign, to promote the importance of the sexual assault training. Many teachers that I talked to was eager to help promote this by offering extra credit to students. The Student Government Association was able to get around 33% of students to do the training and we even had a few events on campus that educated students about sexually assault. The role I have as the Vice President of SGA allows me to actually make a difference on campus and the lives of other students. This school year has really helped me hone in on my career path. Currently, I am a math tutor at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College, which has provided me the skills to help a lot of students overcome obstacles in math. This is now my passion and I want to become a math teacher. I am very thankful for the opportunities that Southcentral Community College has giving me and the connections I have
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