Critique Of The Movie 'Awakenings'

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Kent Alphard Abrod Ms.Peggy Anne Elmira Lunar Movie Critique of “Awakenings” Awakenings is the most emotionally moving film I have ever seen. It delves deeply into one of the worst human fears, losing the ability to move and function, but it's never forced or manipulative, and there's no heavy-handed message or moral. The cunning director who made the film was Penny Marshall. It was made in the date December 22, 1990. It was based from the writer Steven Zaillian. It's just a fascinating story that's beautifully told. Awakenings was brought to Oscar nominations. This is a stunningly beautiful and profoundly moving journey, and, amazingly, based on a true story. I never tire of watching this movie; it was one of my all-time favorites. The actor’s performance totally blows me…show more content…
we would like to recommend this movie to the people ages 13 and above. Because we know that they can be able to understand the meaning of the movie “Awakenings.” For the age 12 and below, we think that it is difficult for them to understand the movie. We rate this movie as “PG-13.” The movie “Awakenings” is based on the real life story and this is one of the best movies I have watched. This movie is really great movie. Rating System We as the viewer of this movie, we would like to rate the movie “Awakenings.” We give 5 out of 5, because of the very meaningful story, good actors and actresses, and it inspires us in everything we do. Short biography Elmira Joy Lunar is a first year student at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. She is taking Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science. Though she is not good in sports, she likes to play badminton and volleyball. Elmira is an active member of one church organization called “Antioch Community”. She is really interested and dedicated to attend the weekly activity of the said
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