Dick Movie Reflection

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Movie Dick

Plot: It all starts with us just being typical high school kids and having to do a science project, we accidentally create this brand new drug. We give it to a couple high school kids then we start selling small, to kids at school and a few on the street. Word gets out that we have this drug and the biggest drug lord in the city asks us for a large shipment. He gives us the money to create the product and something ends up going wrong with the product and now we have to find a way to either re create the product or come up with the money to create it again in time. (We need something to fill in here). Then after that part, at the end of the movie we find what happened and i accidentally gave it to my grandma for Christmas. (WE NEED TO ADD WAY MORE SOON)


Nolan - Kevin Oswald = Nerd/Chemist
Geeky ass clothes, glasses, not too stereotypical tho the look has to be just enough to show that he’s a nerd but is kinda the plug too so he’s respected. He is very smart when he talks, knows chemistry to an extent, but doesn't typically do well with violence. We become friends with him early in the movie and figure out he can cook our shit. Says “Rock on!” every time they agree on something. Fuckin kid has 11 toes.

Sana - Mike
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They begin to try and re-create the project, fail a few times and guess what to do. Mike says he knows this one kid named Kevin Oswald then begins to a little scene where we introduce Kevin Oswalds character like (montage of kevin oswald). “He wins every science fair” “Has perfect attendance” At first Alex denies bringing kevin on becuase Alex is scared of kevin becuase he bullies alex. “Wait KEVIN OSWALD BULLIES YOU! THE KID WITH ELEVEN TOES!” “i said i dont wanna fucking talk about it”. This scene carries out to Mike calling Kevin as Kevin answers the phone in a robe in a bathtub meditating to classical music. COnversation
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