Movie Dirt Analysis

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I learned a lot from the movie dirt. Dirt is something I don’t think about too much. It is something that covers my shoes and makes me not want to sit on a certain spot on the field. But dirt is so much bigger than that. It has affected great amounts of history, as well as our current society today. Dirt is full of life and information. It’s made up of many organisms and has been here since the beginning of time. It is essential to keeping our biosphere healthy. Energy flows through this complicated mix of sediments and organisms.
I’ve learned that for some cultures, human’s have been believed to have come from dirt. Many cultures and religions see this and dirt has become a religious symbol. The stories from long ago are still believed in today and dirt is said to heal and create. To some it is so much more than the brown substance that covers our earth’s surface. It is a means life and hope to people who need it. Although some might think this is a bit much as it seems to be something we can get anywhere. But in the video I saw people walk miles just to get a bag of it.
When growing food, dirt is an essential element. Without good dirt, it is very hard to
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Because of this, I have a disconnect with where my food comes from. I don’t know what farm or even what country it’s from. How it is grown, if chemicals were used, and if it was done sustainably is all a mystery to me. For all of these reasons, this means I lack an emotional connection with dirt. I have had experience with growing food in the past but it was very little. Back in Alberta my mom had a garden. Although I didn’t help much with the growing aspect, I did help with the compost. Composting is something my family has always been into. In our old house we had giant bins where we would collect it in our backyard. We lived on an acreage so we had space to do this. In our new house we still collect compost but it is picked up every once in a
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