Movie Essay: Comparing Romeo And Juliet

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In this short movie, there is a man that already broke up with his girl. His heart is broken and he’s very sad about what happen in his life. He starts to think that everything that he wish like they’re always be together just only a bullshit, it is proven by when he thinks that Justin Bieber (boys who 's the clothes and the hair style is very close with Bieber) said was right, that there is no Juliet for this Romeo in this world. When he was in train station, he saw a woman stand three side of his self. The woman that he ever dreams about, the woman that he thought will be the future wife of his life. He starts to imagine about his future with the girl that he saw in his dreams, until he found his self lost the girl in the station. He ran and start to count anything that he would like to through and he found out many ways to reach her, he decided to make his dream happen. While he was running, he met the traffic light…show more content…
Suddenly, the car came and hit him. Then he thought different that he couldn’t make his dream with the girl come true. Even though he was in shock condition, he still thought about what he’ll be doing to make his move more fast. Fortunately, there is a boy who rode a bike that pass in front of him, he is Bieber. Another action that he took are taking Bieber’s bike and rode it until the wheel is broken. When he thought that this is the end of his journey, he found that women was sitting in the cafe. He came to her and directly propose marriage to her by gave her a ring. The women look scared because that is a strange man who propose her marriage, unfortunately the woman’s boyfriend comes and give some “prizes” to the man. He starts to think again that there is no Juliet for Romeo while the new woman is running in front of him and then he decided that the woman is a woman in his dream. Then he starts to do the same struggle to get the girl that just passed in front of
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