Movie Essay: The Black Eye Of The Month Club

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What would you do if you where part of the “Black Eye of the Month Club?” How would you feel if you where called names constantly and made fun of your physical features? This is what Junior has to go though every day on the reservation and at school. How does he handle all of this criticism? He draws comics about his daily experiences. By drawing this comics, it helps him release all of his different emotions onto paper, and teaches him to learn self-acceptance and all of the ups and in life. To start off, Junior is a teenage boy living on an indian reservation in Washington. He lives in an old run down house in the middle of the reservation. His mother and father are drunks, and Junior lives at home with them and his sister. Juniors best…show more content…
Already surrounded by depression and despair, Junior creates comedy in is life by producing cartoons. When his sister and grandmother die in the same month, Junior’s family plummets into a deep depression. His mother goes stagnant and his father falls back to his ways of being a drunk. Junior is forced to walk to school everyday and is tired and starving. He desperately needs something to lighten the load of his troubled mind. So he generates comics, now more than ever. He draws them of his surroundings, of the people at school, and teaches. One day while in science class he proves the teacher wrong while they are learning about petrified wood, and the following resulted, “Which one of these pyrotechnic giants will explode first, the volcano, or Mr. Doge?” (70) When proving him wrong the teacher becomes bright red with anger because he is informed that Junior is correct about his statement. So instead of falling into the teachers anger, he draws a cartoon of him to lighten the mood. This relates to the theme because it shows that he will not fall into the expectations that everyone has for him. It shows that he has accepted his life for what and who he is as a person, and we let anyone change that including
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