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Filmmaking takes a lot of teamwork. Most movie viewers probably do not think about it each time they sit at the theater, but the required teamwork is significant. Any moviegoer who has actually sits through the end credits know. It is hard to identify precisely what the most important component, or who the most important team member, is. However, there is a strong case to support that the most important piece of a film is the screenplay, making the screenwriter a film’s most valuable player. A script or screenplay is written by screenwriters for a film, or television program. These screenplays can be original works or they can be adaptations from existing pieces of writing. The characters movement, actions, expression, and dialogues are written…show more content…
This description of the movie making process is used by independent movie makers outside the Hollywood system. Development consists of activities and the screenplay falls into this period. Once a producer has gotten the rights to a book, play or script, they work directly with a screenwriter, lending their experience to build on the idea and to give it a ‘universal’ appeal. Only when the writer has a clear vision of the structure and plot points can writing the screenplay truly begin. Many screenwriters make the mistake of diving straight into writing the actual script, which causes all sorts of problems, such as losing sight of the screenplay’s structure or running out of material after only a few pages. Proper screenplay formatting must also be taken seriously, and although it is perfectly possible to write and format a screenplay with a word processor, screenwriting software like Final Draft will save you so much time and trouble. As James Cameron said, “You can’t win a race without a champion car . . . Final Draft is my…show more content…
When the screenplay is in its final form, the producer will prepare an appealing package for financiers and investors. This typically includes the polished screenplay, anticipated director, cast biographies and a financial plan to evaluate the prospects of the project. As part of the pre-production process, the script is going to be accepted and locked. This provides the basis for keeping everyone on the same page. A locked script means that the page numbers do not change. Every copy of the script will have the same page because it will never change. As new material is added, sub pages are added. If big changes are made as to delete all the material on a page, it remains in the script as a blank page with the word OMITTED on it. In addition to page numbers, scene numbers are also locked and treated the same. If a scene is cut from the script, its number remains and the slug reads

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