Movie Making: The Role Of Women In Film Making

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Film making, many would argue, has gone through quite the substantial change since it’s initial coining just before the turn of the 19th century. But one would argue, that the largest amount of this change has came quite recently or more so in the latter part of films history as a whole. One of the largest changes haven taken place, is the role of women in film. Once upon a time having a very set role in the industry, such as editing for example. To mention briefly the likes of Dede Allen, Verna Fields, Thelma Schoonmaker and so forth. However our female counterparts now occupy virtually every aspect of the film industry that males do; and in many instances excel past us. Quite clearly this change has taken place behind the lens, but has it taken place in front of it? I purpose that it has, but not through lack of trying! Women were indeed at one stage purely, or for the most part to put it rather crudely, objects to ogle at on screen, ‘objects of the look’. Their place as a real world character with depth and conviction came only secondary to their physical appearance or attributes and ability to woe male spectators. And their part to play in being in front of the lens was quite simply that. Feminist film theory however challenged that mindset, with the second wave movement which took place in the 60’s, a serious shift began to take place. As stated in, An Introduction to Film Studies,

“The importance of feminist film theory in opening up debates around

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