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The book reminds me of the movie Romero. Where priests were also persecuted. Both in countries where there was rampant violence like the gringo in the book or the guerrillas. Both have evil companies that help facilitate the injustices like the School of the Americas or the Banana Fruit Company Both also had police with brutal violence and threats. Both priests were considered martyrs and helped change attitudes. Relating the story scripture to the Old Testament however reminds me Exodus how there was lots of corruption from God’s people and stirred them in the right direction giving the the Ten Commandments to abide by. Relating it to the New Testament when the mestizo followed the priest only to betray him reminds me of Judas betraying Jesus. Another scripture passage that relates to this is the parable of the lost son. No matter how much the son disobeyed his father and spent the money he gave, or drank, or fooled around his father forgave him and prepared a feast for the return of his son. The same hold true for the priest and God the Father. They both knew what was going to happen, but still went through with it.…show more content…
This disobeys the oath to chastity. With another reference to tradition the sacrament of communion is attempted by the priest even though it is outlaw he does what he believes in. What does it mean to be a martyr? Who must we help in society. Both of these questions are questions of discipleship. A martyr simply is someone who dies for what they believe in. An example of a matyr is Oscar Romero or the boy Juan mentioned in the book. The answer to who must we help in society is those who are most vulnerable: the poor, the hungry, and the oppressed. We must help these people first because it is what Jesus would want us as a disciple to do. Discipleship means putting what say to action the real

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