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Living Life as if it’s your last day

Does anyone know how many years they are going to live? When should one plan for happiness? When thinking about ways to live life, I believe in two things: Living life in the moment and doing what makes me happy. Leading life with quality and motivating others to be happy and follow their dream.

The notion of Tatva in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD) explains this quality of life through the character of Arjun. By being a materialistic financial trader and a boring person, Arjun saw the transformation in his life from living a controlled one to making impromptu plans and going with the flow to enjoy every facet of life. Towards the end, he even comes to the rescue of Kabir when he senses something wrong in his life and also, doesn’t let the love of his life go away, unlike before. Although, there are many elements to cover in this movie, this text is limited to the change in quality of life which arises in Arjun’s character.

Arjun is the perfect example of a workaholic financial broker who carries his laptop and attends all calls and meetings on a holiday trip. Due to the early demise of his father with a residual debt left, he thinks
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He even modified the bookings to accustom a new stop to enjoy the Tomatina festival. Living a controlled life is not the only way to live. It is perfectly fine to loosen up and go with the flow by making impromptu plans to enjoy life. One should do what makes them happy and follow their passion to achieve success in life. No one knows how many years they are going to live, so one should not wait for the future, but seize the day and live in the present. Plan the day ahead such that along with career plans, one can spend at least some time delving into their dream. Sometimes plans change, dreams change – so, we should be ready to take that as a challenge in leading one’s own
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