Movie Review: An Analysis Of Vincent's 'Gattaca'

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result. Anton proves to be exactly as promised. Vincent dreams of becoming an astronaut as his younger brother Anton goes on to exceed him in many ways, growing faster, stronger, taller, and not needing glasses. Vincent holds fast to his dream as his brother mocks him and regularly beats him at swimming challenges. When one day, Vincent beats Anton at swimming, he runs away from home to seek his fortune. He accepts a job as a janitor at Gattaca, where he scrubs floors as he watches rockets carry astronauts into space. Watching other people achieve his aspirations only fuels Vincent's drive. He trains and studies on his own, until he finally meets with a person who acts as a fixer to set him up with someone else's genetic identity. Vincent's…show more content…
The Gattaca director is murdered in his office, and police begin their investigation by screening for any and all samples that might contain DNA. Among their finds is a lost hair from Vincent that reveals the presence of an "invalid" inside the Gattaca work area. The police immediately assume that this must be the murderer, and Vincent, who is innocent, must evade detection for a week in order to make the launch. The sweeps become ever more invasive and tense until Vincent's boss, Director Josef (Gore Vidal) is discovered to be the killer, ironically by DNA evidence found on the corpse. Director Josef had evaded suspicion because his DNA profile shows, as he brags, "You won't find a violent bone in my body." As the launch date approaches, before Director Josef is discovered, Vincent's romance with his coworker Irene Cassini (Uma Thurman) blossoms. They become lovers, but not before Irene has retrieved a hair from Vincent's workstation to have his genome sequenced. Fortunately for Vincent, the hair is one of Jerome's that he has planted at his workstation, and he passes the genome test with flying
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