Joel Barish In Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind

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The movie Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind follows Joel Barish as he goes through the process of erasing the memory of his ex-girlfriend, Clementine Kruczynski. After their break-up, Clementine decides to go to Lacuna to delete are of the memories to take away the pain. This essentially is the next step beyond pills and other medication. The company Lacuna rewires the brain to delete all of the connection that contain the memories of a selected a person. They do this using the all the thing that the patient brings in that reminds the patient of the person they are trying to forget. The object that the patient brings in acts as retrieval cue that triggers memories of the person. The scientist at are able to map what connection contain the…show more content…
Another example of how much control Joel has over his memory is his ability to jump to a completely unrelated memory of his past. In effort to stop the process of deletion, Joel goes to the memory of him in the kitchen of his childhood with Clementine playing the role of his mother’s best friend. In the memory Joel expresses all that he is feeling but is confused as to why he is feeling it and why it is such a strong feeling. Joel being consciously aware of his memory fading and fighting it well enough that he disappears off the monitor demonstrations his power, or possibly love, in his memory. While being deleted, Joel takes Clementine to a memory of his childhood, causing him to go to an un-mapped memory and thus is unable to be seen on the screen. Being unable to be found on the screen cause a panic and buys Joel a little more time before being ripped back to the memories they are trying to…show more content…
A possible reason for this sense of familiarity could be due to slight memory traces that were left behind due to the insignificance of the memory. An analogy for this is when you erase a program off of a computer, if the program played a role in other systems, you may notice that the system runs differently and might trigger a reminder that you need this program to proceed. Due to the erasing of their memories of each other neither person is the same as they were before the procedure once they are given the information that they had each other deleted. the possible run off of this information could cause an emotional pain and confusion as to why they would do such a

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